About This Site

Under Construction: Regen Ag Science Bibliography

This site is currently under extensive re-development to host a regenerative agriculture scientific literature database.

You can see the very rough beta concept here on Heroku, and email comments, suggestions, or ideas to admin@regenagscience.org.

The new database should be up and running by end of July 2020.


This bibliography is intended as a resource to help anyone studying regenerative agriculture, and related disciplines including agroecology, permaculture, biodynamics, and diversified farming, to find material about the nature, history, contributions, and concerns of this diverse field.

My primary goal in building this site is to compile and share the wealth of available material, and catalogue it in a useful way in the hope of stimulating further research, implementation and practice. It is not complete, and users should bear in mind that they would do well to further their search using a standard literature database, e.g. ISI Web of Science. However, in creating this database I have tried to present the science independent from the overwhelming majority of literature that is already devoted to conventional agricultural practices.

Types of Resources

The bibliography contains two primary types of sources:

  1. primary sources peer-reviewed scientific literature from the academic community and those working closely with them, e.g. on-farm research conducted in collaboration with a university or university extension. These make up the bulk of the database and are the priority for new additions.
  2. secondary sources books and white papers, related to the study of regenerative agriculture, and written by well-known and respected practitioners and researchers. I add secondary sources to the database with great care given that these are not typically peer-reviewed (although many authors do submit their manuscripts to numerous colleagues for feedback, corrections and suggestions for improvement). In choosing books and white papers to add, I look for items that satisfy one or preferably both of the following criteria:

1. They are well-researched and thoroughly supported by peer-reviewed (primary) sources, e.g. Eric Toensmeier’s The Carbon Farming Solution; OR

2. They are based on personal experience and development of a known regenerative agriculture site, e.g. Richard Perkins’ Regenerative Agriculture, or on extensive experience in the field, e.g. Darren Doherty’s The Regrarians Handbook.

  1. tertiary sources include textbooks, manuals, guidebooks, directories, almanacs, indexes and bibliographies. These are unlikely to make up a significant proportion of the bibliography but I include them here for the purpose of being thorough.

The bibliography does not claim to be exhaustive and is frequently being updated as new research is released, and I have more opportunity to peruse older journals, archived material and out-of-print sources.

I invite users to let me know if they think anything important is missing from the bibliography. Please contact admin@regenagscience.org for additions, suggestions, corrections and other correspondence.