The changing face of agriculture.

Welcome to the Regen Ag Science website.

If you’re new here, I’d recommend starting with the Who Is page if you want to find out more about who’s behind this little effort; or the What Is page if you stumbled here by accident and are going Regenerative agriculture what? What’s that?

The goal is to build this site more as a repository for my own learning first, others’ second. There are other, better, more complete sites that give great lists of regenerative agriculture resources out there; but that’s not the point. The point was to give myself and my research a home base, a landing pad, for things I come across along the way.

So read, peruse, enjoy, and make comments, ask questions, challenge assumptions, and share your own knowledge and experience. This is something we all need to skill up on, and skill up fast, so whatever facilitates that — well, game on.

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