Bringing Up Baby In The Climate Crisis

Next Generation,
for future generations.

Our daughter Linden Darwi was born at 8:01 am on September 17, 2018. The IPCC report on the global impacts of a 1.5°C change in climate came out in the first week of October. It wasn’t like this was brand new to any of us, but the timing felt ominous: as I slowly emerged from the fog of immediate postpartum, news and social media feeds were filled with the most dire of warnings. Our time is up; we have 12 years to turn things around

In short: I had just joined the ranks of parents that, if nothing changed (and the outlook isn’t good), will be raising the Earth’s last generation of humanity. 

Suddenly, things became veryvery clear. We couldn’t wait any more. Couldn’t wait for the time to be right, for the resources to show up, for things to get easier, more convenient, or simpler. 

… We just have to act.

Next Generation Management

We are working to create the systems that will be needed to make the next generation’s survival possible.

We want to see our daughter grow to adulthood with the prospect of raising her own family in a world better than the one we brought her into. 

We want her to have more and better options for creating right livelihood; for breathing clean air, eating clean food, and living life as we, as humanity, have evolved to do.

We want to create systems that depend more on biology than technology to solve the ecological problems that we face.

We want to help others see what is possible through small changes, and big overhauls: whatever works for you and your context. When it’s missing, we help you build and articulate that context so that you know where you’re headed next.

We want to do whatever we need to do to ensure that there is still a place worth celebrating when our grandchildren arrive.


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