Things to think about…

While baby is sleeping on Christmas morning:

  • Bayesian statistics and inferences in adaptive management and ecological modelling. Does this help get over problems with control groups, uncontrolled variables, etc. in complex systems?
  • Read more of Provenza’s work. Connect back with reduction in nutrient concentration and increase in sugar content with rising CO2 levels (see Politico article).
  • Finish WBLT proposal.
  • Draft manuscript outline. It will suck. Draft it anyway.
  • Highlight 10 key carbon science papers and read them. Skim them. Read the abstracts and look at the figures at least. Summarize in a couple of lines.
  • Line up courses and trainings to complete before Fall 2019 semester. QGIS courses (already paid for). Permaculture design certificates (APF). Coursera or Khan Academy short courses in ecological statistics to brush up. Brush up on R and LaTeX. Learn a little Python (like, 5 commands. That’s it. To start.)
  • Write a little every day. Like, 100 words little. Something. Anything. Keep momentum.

That’s it. Merry Christmas everyone.

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